Poole Publishes on Historic Peace Process Between Eritrea and Ethiopia

Posted on 8/16/2018 2:55:28 PM

Anthropologist Amanda Poole co-authored news articles related to the unfolding peace process between Eritrea and Ethiopia in Refugees Deeply, African Arguments, and Middle East Eye.

Poole was conducting research with Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia in spring 2018 when the peace deal was signed between Ethiopia and Eritrea, ending 20 years of conflict. This historic event has been widely celebrated. But, if peace is good thing, why are Eritrean refugees worried?

Find out more in her article, “Fear Dampens Hope Among Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia,” featured in the online news site Refugees Deeply. Co-authored with colleague Jennifer Riggan, associate professor of International Studies at Arcadia University, the article describes the fears that Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia have with the rapidly unfolding peace process.

Poole worked with Riggan to publish two other news articles about the peace process between Eritrea and Ethiopia in African Arguments and Middle East Eye.

Amanda Poole has been researching Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia for the past two years, and Eritrea for the past 20 years. She draws from her research experiences to enrich her classes at IUP, where she teaches courses in cultural, applied, environmental, and African anthropology.

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