​CMS Tip: Using the Diversity Calendar

Posted on 8/28/2018 10:57:49 AM

If you’re holding an event that can be classified as diverse, make sure you add it to the Diversity Events Calendar. You can do that by selecting the Diversity Events check box on the Taxonomy tab when editing the event.

Animation: Adding an event to the diversity calendar

If you haven’t done this before, watch the animation above, or follow these directions:

  1. While editing a calendar event, click on the Taxonomy tab at the top of the editing window.

  2. If necessary, click on University Calendars to expand those categories.

  3. Select the Diversity Calendars check box.

  4. Click Save.

There are additional calendars to which you might also want to add your event. Here’s what’s appropriate for each calendar:

Calendar What Goes There
Central Calendar Key, on-campus, university events that are open to all at IUP (students, faculty, and staff).
Student Events On-campus art and entertainment: art exhibitions, concerts, dance events, lectures, movies, musicals, open mic nights, poetry readings, theater, and more.
Diversity Events On-campus events that are about diversity, or which showcase diversity at IUP.
Community Events On-campus events that are open to those outside the IUP community.
Homecoming Events Homecoming-related events.

The Digital Team reviews these calendars from time to time to make sure that events on each calendar are correctly placed.

For more on using calendars on our CMS, see Working with the Calendar in our How-To section.