Anthropology’s Ford Participates in NSF Scoping Event

Posted on 10/3/2018 10:03:53 AM

Ben Ford participated in a workshop to scope a new National Science Foundation initiative to study the impacts of coastal environmental variability and natural hazards on populated coastal regions.

The workshop was organized to envision a new NSF initiative, called Coastlines and People (CoPe). Ford attended one of four simultaneous workshops held on September 26–28, 2018. NSF invited approximately 400 researchers to participate in the workshops through a competitive nationwide application process.

“The goal of the workshops was to imagine Coastal Research Hubs, structured using a convergent science approach, at the nexus between coastal sustainability, human dimensions, and coastal processes to transform understanding of interactions among natural, human-built, and social systems in coastal populated environments. Research Hubs could address issues operating at multiple scales, link science, community involvement, broadening participation, and education into developing pathways to sustainability in changing coastal environments.”

Ford is one of several IUP researchers in the departments of Anthropology, Geosciences, and Geography and Regional Planning who study coastlines.