IUP Conducts Geophysical Survey of Cooch’s Bridge Battlefield, Delaware’s Only Revolutionary Battlefield

Posted on 12/11/2018 11:08:04 AM

Over summer 2018, students and faculty from the IUP Archaeological Services Center conducted a geophysical survey to identify potential features related to the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge and subsequent burial of colonial soldiers for the State of Delaware. Graduate students Heather MacIsaac and Zane Ermine and undergraduate students Moyra Dieso, Hannah Winters, and Brianna Smith ’18 conducted the geophysical survey under the direction of William Chadwick, director of the Center. 

Moyra Dieso with GPRIn late summer 1777, British troops had landed at Head of Elk in Maryland and were moving towards Philadelphia during the Philadelphia Campaign. General George Washington sent a unit of light infantry to delay the British and Hessian forces advance by making a series of stands and withdrawals starting outside Glasgow, Delaware, that culminated at Cooch’s Bridge. This battle was the precursor to the Battle of Brandywine Creek in Pennsylvania. It is reported that no less than two dozen colonial soldiers lost their lives at the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge and that many, if not all, were buried in the fields where they lay.

The geophysical survey identified several potential features that are to be archaeologically excavated in the future. This geophysical survey provides information to the State of Delaware for the management of the cultural resources within the Cooch's Bridge Battlefield. This work is mentioned by WHYY in Philadelphia.

Cooch's Bridge Team
Cooch’s Bridge Project team and sponsors. Left to right: Wade Catts, Zane Ermine, Moyra Dieso, Brianna Smith, Heather MacIsaac, William Chadwick, and Judge Richard Cooch (not pictured, Hannah Winters).

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