Business Honors 2018 Junior Block Present Integrated Projects

Posted on 12/13/2018 2:54:03 PM

Business Honors Jr. Block Presentations December 11, 2018 On December 11, 2018, students from the IUP Eberly College of Business and Information Technology Business Honors Program junior block made presentations that integrated concepts from marketing, finance, and supply chain management.

Students in the Business Honors Junior Block take these three business courses back-to-back during their fall junior year. A few of the students are seniors in the block. The goal is for faculty and students to work together to integrate these three key business areas.  

Business Honors Jr Block Presentations December 11, 2018 During the semester, student assignments focused on: discovering and creating value (customer needs assessment, demand forecasting, and financial forecasting); and delivering and communicating value (product design and promotion, supply chain planning, and product and company valuation).

One comprehensive report demonstrating an integration of knowledge across the three areas was due at the end of the term, and the presentations were the culminating activity. The project included product development in the passenger electric vehicle industry.

Final report and presentation deliverables for the project included: a questionnaire that collected target population profiles and a needs assessment survey; a table for target market profiles and value propositions for each segment; a set of projected financial statements (income sheet, balance sheet, additional funds needed, and cash flows); projected ratios calculated; additional funds requirements determined; a reexamination of the entire plan; diagrams/sketches of the new product with a narrative justifying feature choice based on assessed needs in assignment 1; a full-color print ad designed to media specifications or storyboard with at least six frames; and a media plan table including media vehicles, schedule, and, as far as possible, costs.

Business Honors Jr, Block Presentations December 11, 2018 Junior block instructors included Parimal Bhagat (Marketing), Dan Lawson (Finance and Legal Studies), and Ramesh Soni (Management). Soni, chairperson of the Management Department, was impressed with the final presentations. “This is a tough semester for our junior business honors students,“ Soni said. ”The integration of key business topics, expectations, and dynamics associated with teamwork, and the verbal and written communication requirements are challenging. The students did an outstanding job and made thorough, articulate, and professional presentations at the end of the term.”

Robert Camp, dean of the Eberly College, attended the presentations. “I was extremely impressed with the quality of presentations made by business honors students,” Camp said. “Despite the fact that these students are undergraduates, the caliber of presentations were at such a professional level that they could have easily been making them to business professionals in a boardroom. This definitely was a rewarding way to wrap up the fall 2018 semester.”Business Honors Jr Block Presentations December 11 2018