Anthropology Department Presents at Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology

Posted on 1/14/2019 1:41:25 PM

Anthony Gilchrist and Ben Ford presented two papers at the 52nd Annual Conference of Historical and Underwater Archaeology last week in St. Charles, Missouri.

Anthony Gilchrist, a graduate student in the Applied Archaeology MA program, presented on his thesis research in a paper titled “The Impacts of Humans on Shipwrecks in Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.” This research centers on a comparison of shipwrecks before and after their locations were made publicly available. Drawing on a unique dataset of shipwrecks that were video recorded just before their locations were publicized in 2017, Gilchrist was able to quantify the effects of SCUBA divers and fishermen on these shipwrecks during a single year. This research is a substantial contribution to submerged cultural resource management. 

Gilchrist at Annual Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology, 2019Photo: Anthony Gilchrist presenting his research on Lake Winnipesaukee

Ben Ford presented the paper “Two Models for Volunteer-Driven Underwater Archaeology on Lake Erie,” co-authored with Carrie Sowden (National Museum of the Great Lakes). This paper compared the organization and benefits of the Ohio Maritime Archaeology Survey Team and the Pennsylvania Archaeology Shipwreck Survey Team. Both organizations serve as an ethical way for citizen scientists to be actively involved in Lake Erie shipwreck archaeology.

The Annual Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology the combined annual conference of the Society for Historical Archaeology and the Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology. IUP faculty and students regularly present their research at this conference.

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