Counseling Center Spring 2019 Workshops

Posted on 2/7/2019 2:56:11 PM

Mark your calendars for the Counseling Center’s spring 2019 workshops

These workshops are held in Room G-60, Suites on Maple East, from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Consent 101

  • Wednesday, February 13
  • Demian Glusberg and Rebecca Frazier

The aim of the workshop is to give students a clear understanding of what sexual consent is and to facilitate conversations about consent. It is so important that people are properly informed of consent, respecting other peoples’ boundaries, and not being ashamed of willingly engaging in or rejecting sexual activity. Learning about consent is also vital to identifying sexual assault and supporting survivors of sexual assault by outlining and understanding that sexual activity without consent is a crime for which only the perpetrator can be to blame.

Time Management

  • Wednesday, March 20
  • Kermeka Desai and Kassandra Scioli

This time management workshop is designed to help students prioritize tasks, manage their workload, and work smarter instead of harder. We will be discussing the importance of self-monitoring, planning, and scheduling, as well as providing time-saving strategies for busy college students. By dispelling myths about goals and providing examples of task-oriented and time-oriented scheduling, the workshop will equip students to master time-management and develop skills that will serve them throughout their college careers and beyond.

Life Balance: Money and Other Things

  • Wednesday, March 27
  • Dave Myers and Dave McNew

Balance in life is critical for success at everything from walking to relationships. This workshop will discuss balance in financial matters primarily, but will also illustrate how the skills used in achieving financial balance would extent to other areas of life, such as work, exercise, and relationships. You might think of this as yoga for your wallet and your life.

Managing Your Mood

  • Wednesday, April 10
  • Alec Wierzbicki and Cheyenne Shultz

This workshop will explore the process of mood regulation and teach skills for emotional health and well-being. Students will learn how their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors interact in certain patterns. Strategies to identify moods and situations associated with them will be presented. Resources related to managing emotions and seeking help with mood regulation will also be shared.

Boundaries in Relationships: Sometimes Things are Complicated

  • Wednesday, April 24
  • Katie Quinn and Chris Good

As the academic year comes to a close, many students have mixed feelings about spending the summer at home. The transition from college life to living at home can be stressful. If you think this might be true for you and/or your family members, come and learn about some of the ways that you might prepare for this change and manage the stress of straddling your life at college and your life at home.