Parking Changes to Be in Effect for Fall 2008 Semester

Posted on 4/23/2008 1:18:02 PM

The Parking Services Center has been very busy over the last six months coordinating many new changes in the parking program that will be instituted for the Fall 2008 semester.

In unison with the Parking Advisory Committee and the University Senate, the following changes will occur over the summer months:

  • Temporary parking permits for the disabled, students, faculty, and staff who have obvious handicaps (crutches, wheelchair, pregnancy, etc.) will be granted a temporary permit (up to fourteen days) at the time of request. No doctor’s request will be needed. If a permit is needed for longer than fourteen days, then a doctor’s slip will be required. Obvious impairments would be given a second fourteen-day permit at the time the person is applying.
  • Departmental requests for visitor permits can be made on-line by e-mailing Visitor parking permits will be issued for the R & P Band lot. A free park and ride shuttle service will take drivers to campus. All departments need to request temporary parking permits for visitors prior to their arrival. If, however, a department forgets, parking services will grant the visitor a one-day permit if they come to the Parking/Visitor Center and obtain it.
  • The majority of the mechanical parking meters on campus will be eliminated. This will eliminate future maintenance and upgrade costs on current mechanical meters and will evenly distribute faculty, staff, and commuter parking across campus. The plan will evenly distribute all campus parking into pay-by-space and faculty/staff/commuter permit parking. Handicapped spaces will remain in current locations.
  • Two new Luke Pay-By-Space machines will be purchased. All pay-by-space machines require minimal maintenance and are controlled electronically by a computer in the parking services office. By eliminating the meters, the university will annually save $20,920 in mechanical meter retiming and repair cost.
  • To assist with snow removal, designated lots will not allow parking from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. during the months of November through March. The list will include the lots of the HUB, Whitmyre, Miller Stadium, Reschini, Pratt Drive, and Grant Street. Signs will be posted in each lot. Special considerations will be made for resident students. Overnight parking is available during this period in the following areas; Esch lot, Johnson lot, Stright lot, Davis lot, Stouffer lot, and Zink lot. In order to assist with safe snow removal in the parking garages, the reserved parking spaces on the open top deck will be moved to levels one and two and the pay-by-space slots will be on levels three and four. This will enable the top deck of the garage to be cleared of snow in the early morning hours, and will also eliminate the need for a second waiting list.
  • All resident parking permit students (internships, nursing, etc.) will be allowed to park in any lot when the campus towers west parking lot is demolished.
  • Parking garage permits will be sold on an annual basis, covering fall, spring, and summer semesters. Annual payment will be $425. If a space is relinquished before the end of the year, a refund will be prorated for the days left in the year. These permits can be obtained on-line bt e-mailing The on-line permit processing will service the following: faculty and staff free permits; motorcycle permits; purchased permits for parking garage and Robertshaw lot; and temporary permits.

Current permit holders can go online and print out a temporary one-day permit. Faculty and staff can request up to five temporary permits in a three-year span. The signature of a vice president is required for reserving seven or more spots within a lot.

With Phase III of the Residential Revival getting underway this summer, Pecan Health Center, Campus Towers, Esch Hall, and Wallace Halls will be demolished to make way for construction of the new buildings. Towers West parking, small parking area behind Pecan Health Center, and Pratt Drive between Grant Street and Locust Street will be lost as a result of the construction.

During the summer, the parking lot at Eleventh Street and Oakland Avenue will be renovated. This lot will be paved, emergency lights will be moved, and islands and two pay-by-space machines will be added to this parking lot. During this renovation, the R & P parking lot will need to be utilized. As a result of adding the second park and ride shuttle during the spring 2008 semester, getting to campus from the R & P lot is more convenient and will have a wait time of less than 10 minutes.

The parking rate for remaining meters that was approved last spring will not go into effect until fall 2008. The meter rate change will increase from 25 cents for 40 minutes to 25 cents for a half hour.

For more information about parking issues, persons may visit the IUP Campus Police website or call 724-357-8478.