Anthropology Students and Faculty Publish Book

Posted on 3/25/2019 12:21:50 PM

New Life for Archaeological Collections, edited by Ben Ford (IUP Anthropology) and Rebecca Allen (Tribal Historic Preservation Department United Auburn Indian Community), includes chapters by Ford and former students Stefanie Smith and Jonathan Crise.

New Life for Archaeological Collections coverNew Life for Archaeological Collections, published by University of Nebraska Press, focuses on how archaeologists can make use of previously collected artifacts and records to address the “curation crisis.” The book contains 17 essays from across the United States spanning the use of collections for education, research, and outreach. Lee Panich from Santa Clara University writes, “This volume is on the cutting edge of conversations about collections-based research.”

Stefanie Smith, a graduate of the Applied Archaeology MA program, authored the chapter “Dust and Bones: A Modern Analysis of Hanna’s Town Fauna” based on her thesis research exploring what the site’s 18th-century residents ate.

Jonathan Crise was the lead author of “From Ship to Kindling to Ship: The Digital Reconstruction of the Royal Savage Timber Assemblage” with Ben Ford and George Schwarz (Naval History and Heritage Command). That chapter discusses multiple methods to digitally record ship timbers from one of the earliest ships in the US Navy, and was partially based on research that IUP conducted in partnership with the US Navy.

Ford also contributed the chapter “A Million Ways to Teach Anthropology: The Hanna’s Town Collection,” which draws on the decade of work, including 10 student projects, that IUP has conducted at that site.

New Life for Archaeological Collections was published in collaboration with the Society for Historical Archaeology, and all royalties are donated to the Society to support its mission.

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