Travel Voucher Errors

Posted on 5/6/2019 10:17:46 AM

The Travel Office is receiving an usually high volume of Travel Expense Vouchers which have been completed incorrectly: missing receipts, no approving signature, using incorrect subsistence rates, invalid cost centers, etc.  

In order for us to quickly and accurately provide you with your reimbursements, your requests need to be accurate and complete. Please refer to the Travel Expense Voucher Checklist to assist you in preparing your vouchers.  

A few tips to help you find the correct reimbursement rates:

  1. When using the GSA Table to determine the allowable subsistence rate, be sure to use the Meals and Incidentals (ME&I) Breakdown table. Do not use the Lodging By Month table.
  2. When determining the subsistence rate for a partial day at the beginning and/or end of the travel period, do not use the First and Last Day of Travel indicated in the ME&I table. The allowance for partial days at the beginning or end of a travel period is calculated on the number of hours basis as explained in the Subsistence Hourly Allowance Breakdown Chart for overnight travel occurring on or after 10/1/18.  
  3. All receipts must be itemized, clearly indicating the items purchased. A credit card receipt showing only the total is not acceptable. 

If you are confused and need assistance preparing a Travel Expense Voucher, please email .