Conlin Receives Arthur W. Thompson Award for Article

Posted on 6/6/2019 9:29:19 AM

ConlinErin Conlin, assistant professor of History, was awarded the Arthur W. Thompson Award by the Florida Historical Quarterly for the most outstanding article published in 2018.

Conlin’s research focuses on the history of modern farmworkers in Florida and along the East Coast. Her article, “Work…or be deported”: Florida Growers and the Emergence of a Non-Citizen Agricultural Workforce” [FHQ, Vol. 96, No. 4 (2018)], analyzes the role of private growers in creating the East Coast’s new farm labor system.

Through a case study of Bahamian guestworkers in the United States from World War II through the 1960s, she demonstrates how growers skillfully created and manipulated a decades-long foreign labor importation scheme and how, after that program ended, growers cultivated a new exploitable workforce by tapping into the states’ increasing Latino population. By linking these histories, her article reveals how growers were able to craft a labor regime based on the idea that farmworkers existed outside the parameters of citizenship and the benefits associated with it.

Department of History