Staging Site Offline July 24–August 14

Posted on 6/14/2019 3:14:36 PM

Exciting things are happening this summer as Marketing and Communications prepares for the brand launch. One of the areas of focus is IUP’s web presence. To complete all the work needed, though, we need pause the staging site for a brief period before we go live.

The staging site will be taken offline starting July 24 through August 14. During this time, the Marketing and Communications team will implement updates to the website in anticipation of the launch of the new brand. The live site will still be up during this time; only access to the staging site will be temporarily suspended. On August 15, the updated site will go live.

Dates and Details

Starting the morning of July 24, web maintainers will not have access to staging and will not be able to edit their sites directly. We encourage offices to plan for submitting any news items or known updates to their sites by 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 23. All submissions received by that deadline will be processed and published for the following day.

In the event of an urgent need to update a site during the time staging is unavailable, please submit an ihelp ticket or email with the details. We ask that these requests be kept to only urgent or emergency requests, and we will do our best to complete these in a timely manner.

IUP Daily Dates

The last issue of IUP Daily before the launch will be sent on Monday, July 22. News items for that issue should be submitted by 2:00 p.m on Friday, July 19. Look for details about the return date for the newsletter later this summer.

What is Changing?

We are giving the IUP website a new tone, look, and feel that will be in line with the new brand. Things that are not changing: how you use and edit the site, image sizes, or submitting news and events. Once we open the site back up to maintainers, the functional part will be the same.

The Digital Team