The Clarks: Rock Star Marketers From Pittsburgh

Posted on 8/19/2019 8:28:15 AM

“Given all of the above obstacles and the fact that the overall music industry revenues have declined by about half of its peak size, it is rare to hear about working bands staying together and making a living over a period of decades. However, Pittsburgh based rockers The Clarks are illustrative of how it is possible for a band to make it with the help of following sound marketing practices and having a customer orientation. Formed at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1986, the Clarks, consisting of Scott Blasey on vocal/guitars, Greg Joseph on bass, Rob James on lead guitar and David Minarik, Jr. on drums, are now in their 33rd year of putting out albums and touring. ”

—“The Clarks: Rock Star Marketers From Pittsburgh,”
Forbes, August 17, 2019