Kemp’s Work With Squonk Opera Performed at Kennedy Center

Posted on 9/18/2019 8:11:47 PM

Rick Kemp (Theatre, Dance, and Performance) works as staging director and creative consultant with the Pittsburgh-based performance ensemble Squonk Opera. The company creates interdisciplinary multimedia performances with live music, installations, and kinetic sculptures that tour nationally and internationally.

Their most recent project, “Hand to Hand,” involves a pair of 20 foot-high hands and had a multi-city premiere at Baltimore’s Artscape Festival, Pittsburgh’s Downtown Partnership, and the Kennedy Center’s REACH Festival.

Kemp’s long association with the company has led to opportunities for multiple IUP alumni, with lighting designer Forrest Trimble ’15 currently on tour with the group.

David Kilpatrick, director of Education at the Kennedy Center, says about Squonk, “I don’t know if there’s another company quite like them in the US that does these outdoor shows that work for parades, or work for multisensory environments, in such a dynamic way. Basically, when you work outside in a public space, you’re accessible to everyone. And so that sort of inclusiveness of their work is really exciting.”