Alumnus Moore ’07 Visits Finance Students at IUP

Posted on 10/10/2019 9:04:30 AM

On September 30, 2019, IUP alumnus Bryan Moore visited the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology to present for Daniel Lawson’s Finance Seminar class (FIN 422) and meet with the Student Managed Investment Portfolio and Student Finance Association.

Bryan Moore and Daniel Lawson’s Finance Seminar class
Photo: Bryan Moore pictured with the Student Finance Association after his presentation to their members.

Moore graduated from IUP in 2007 with a BS in finance and a minor in economics. He then spent five years in a full-time role at the Pennsylvania State Employee Retirement System. Currently, he serves as managing director of the South Carolina Retirement System Investment Commission. RSIC actively manages a $32-billion multi-asset investment portfolio on behalf of 500,000 current and retired participants. He holds both chartered financial analyst and chartered alternative investment analyst distinctions. In 2012, Moore was awarded the Eberly College of Business Young Alumni Achievement Award.

In Moore’s FIN 422 presentation, he discussed his employment history, his experience at IUP, and the benefits of having a work-life balance, along with some of his recommendations for being an effective analyst. He used the acronym G.O.A.T. to describe some of the key success factors for analysts. G.O.A.T. stands for “Get interested,” “Obtain trust,” “Acquire knowledge,” and “Team player.” He also discussed entry-level job opportunities with the RSIC and the benefits of working for the organization. As the first CIO and one of the founding members of Eberly’s Student Managed Investment Portfolio, Bryan expressed his excitement for returning to campus and meeting with students, adding that the RSIC has been impressed with the skills demonstrated from past IUP graduates.

Before Bryan’s arrival on campus, he challenged students in the seminar class with completing a case study based on 30 years of historical returns. Their goal was to build a portfolio that would return exactly 7.25 percent and determine where new money should be invested based on the past performance of various assets. It was stressed that there is no right or wrong way to do the case; however, the answers students provide would give insight into their rationale about portfolio structure.

Brandon Aguirre, a senior finance major in the class, summarized: “Having the opportunity to apply our coursework to a real example of portfolio construction was extremely valuable. This exercise allowed me to think through investment decisions like a portfolio manager and practice various data-analysis methods that go beyond our coursework. Working with the case and hearing Bryan’s feedback on other’s work has allowed me to further develop my analytical skillset.”

While meeting with the SMIP and Student Finance Association, Moore presented a detailed overview of the global economic outlook for the upcoming years. Students were able to see professional economic analyses from both the RSIC and some of their partners while learning about what key indicators analysts look for when making investment decisions.

Many students also found Bryan to be a great resource for future opportunities. Destiny Julo, current CIO for the SMIP and an incoming analyst for the RSIC, said, “Through Bryan, I have learned to get connected with alumni, stay involved with your school, and make yourself known. Having the opportunity to work for RSIC upon graduation solely became available to me because I stood out to my professors, which led me to get connected with Bryan. By applying myself and going above and beyond in my academics and my interviews, I was able to secure my dream job. If I had just done the bare minimum, my entire life would be different.”

The Eberly College of Business and IT appreciates Bryan returning to campus to share his experience and opportunities with the students!

—Brandon Aquirre