McHugh Co-edits Special Double Issue of Women and Therapy

Posted on 10/15/2019 11:57:50 AM

Maureen McHugh, Distinguished University Professor in Psychology, IUP, and her colleague, Joan Chrisler, class of ’43 professor of psychology, Connecticut College, co-edited vol. 42(1-2) of Women & Therapy. “Making Space for Everybody: Ending Sizeism in Psychotherapy and Training” was the theme for the volume and for the lead article, authored by McHugh and Chrisler.

The 14 articles in the volume address weight bias in psychology and in psychotherapy as a barrier to women’s mental health and offer a critical perspective on the medical approach which labels persons of size as obese, turning diversity into disease.

Among the articles were two written by alumni of the IUP PsyD program: Ashley Kasardo authored “Sizeism as a Diversity Issue Absent for Multicultural Textbooks,” and Melissa Muelman authored “Sizeism in Therapy: Fat Shaming in Supervision.”

Women & Therapy is a peer-reviewed journal published by Taylor & Francis which focuses on the complex interrelationship between women and the therapeutic experience.

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