IUP Northpointe Scholarship Essay Competition

Posted on 10/17/2019 4:09:32 PM

At one time, American higher education was less about personal advantages (getting a great job) and more about improving society and doing public good (a life of purpose/a meaningful calling). Is the purpose of attending college to just get a great job? Is it okay for the college graduate to work a lower-pay job that fulfills a personal passion and impacts the community?

IUP Northpointe students are encouraged to submit an essay by the end of the semester for the $1,000 Campus Scholarship Award Competition. 

The essay topic revolves around your personal belief of whether the purpose of attending college is for either personal gain or for improving your community. Students are asked to argue one of the two prompt options. 

IUP Northpointe students may download the scholarship application and instructions or pick up a copy in the office.