Annual Mandatory Training Coming Next Week: Sexual Discrimination-Sexual Misconduct Policy and Protection of Minors Policy Training Refreshers

Posted on 10/21/2019 9:18:15 AM

As previously announced, university and university-related personnel who have completed the Lawroom trainings at least once during their IUP careers will now complete a D2L course in order to meet their annual, mandatory training requirement. The D2L course provides a training refresher on both the Sexual Discrimination-Sexual Misconduct Policy and the Protection of Minors Policy. The target date for the opening of the course is next week, October 29, 2019.

This new option pertains to all continuing or returning personnel (employees, student workers, and university-related personnel). You will have 30 days to complete both training modules. Each module consists of a presentation and a quiz. You must complete both for each policy. Also included are practice exercises and job aids. These highlight your responsibilities, and you are highly encouraged to review them.

Please download and read (pdf) the D2L Directions for Training Refresher Modules. If you still need help after reading these directions, please email

Please keep your certificate of completions for your records, or show to a supervisor if requested. Do not send your certificates to the Social Equity and Title IX Office. Time during work hours and computer access are to be provided by supervisors in order for all personnel to meet their training requirement. Supervisors of all student workers should be sure that their students have completed the trainings.

A bulk email will be sent next week to alert all participants that the course is available. Thank you for your cooperation with this process. For further information, please refer to the Social Equity and Title IX Office training website.