Speaker to Discuss Anthropology and UX Careers at Google

Posted on 11/8/2019 10:17:17 AM

Elizabeth Baylor, senior UX (user experience) researcher at Google, will give a talk in the Anthropology in Action Speaker Series on Wednesday, November 13, at 5:00 p.m. in room 225 of the Humanities and Social Sciences building. Baylor, an anthropologist, will discuss the field of UX, provide an insider look at Google’s work world, and offer advice about working or interning at Google.

A driving ethos of Google is “Focus on the user, and all else will follow.” While trying to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, Google grounds itself with 10 basic truths—the first of which is focus on the user. Once you decode it, this is a call for anthropologist job candidates.

Baylor will discuss user experience as a form of anthropological inquiry through the lens of her own career path and recent projects for Google Health and the internationally-focused Next Billion User group. Join us for a guided discussion of the UX process, an insider look at Google’s UX roles and work culture, and some concrete tips for applying to Google yourself.

Elizabeth Baylor is an applied anthropologist and senior user experience researcher for Google Health. She received her PhD in applied anthropology from the University of South Florida and has previous experience at Microsoft, the University of Alabama, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Before UX, Elizabeth was a nutritional anthropologist studying foodways in Southeast Asia. She has been trained and funded by the National Science Foundation, and is a Fulbright Scholar, published author, and a (semi)regular contributor to the American Anthropological Association, Society for Applied Anthropology, EPIC, and CHI. Baylor specializes in adapting and applying classic social science methods to product design and development.

The Anthropology in Action Speaker Series explores the scope and value of contemporary anthropology by bringing professional anthropologists to campus to share their work, mentor students, and generate dialogue about the application of anthropology to understanding and acting on issues that affect our lives. This year, the Anthropology in Action Speaker Series will cover topics that include community health and clinical pediatrics, user studies and the tech industry, and reproductive health in the LGBTQ+ community.

Students are encouraged (but not required) to RSVP for the talk, particularly if they are interested in pursuing an internship with Google.

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