Applied Anthropology Students to Present at Screening of Award-Winning Environmental Documentary About Plastics

Posted on 11/18/2019 10:27:40 AM

The Environmental Issues Committee of the Indiana County League of Women Voters will be showing Bag It, an award-winning environmental documentary about plastics, on Saturday, November 23, at 6:30 at the Philly Street Playhouse. The event will be followed by a research presentation about local plastic use by Applied Anthropology students. Learn about the life-with-less-plastics movement at this free, public event.

Bag It was broadcast nationally on PBS and has been televised in over 30 countries, with over 2,000 university, school, and community screenings worldwide. The documentary begins by taking a light-hearted overview of the encroachment of plastics in our daily lives. It then zeroes in on single-use plastics, the recycling dilemma, and the presence of plastic in the oceans and in our bodies.

The film will be followed by a presentation of three local initiatives dealing with plastics, including:

  1. an applied anthropology research project on the use of plastics by local Indiana businesses

  2. a research project that tests for plastics in local waterways, and

  3. the “Bench Project,” in which plastics are collected and re-purposed into a sturdy, poly-lumber outdoor bench for the community.

The event is free to the public, and attendance vouchers will be provided. The Philadelphia Street Playhouse is located at 725 Philadelphia Street, across from the Artist’s Hand Gallery.

View a trailer for Bag It.

“After seeing Bag It, students discussed and generated the idea for a “Ban the Bag” campaign to reduce and even eliminate single-use plastic bags on our campus. This film has inspired an environmental movement and has definitely awakened the social consciousness of our students.”

—Gerry Snyder, Department of Communications, Kansas State University

“The particular power of this film is how it moves between disturbing facts about plastic production and consumption, and light-heartedness. Bag It highlights the relationships between healthy lifestyles, reduced consumption, and a healthy planet. It is an empowering film about personal choice, as well as very educational.”

—Andrea Houchard, Northern Arizona University, Department of Philosophy

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