Web Task Force Update: Deadlines, Materials, and Meeting Location

Posted on 5/9/2008 3:16:37 PM

The following was sent to members of the Web Task Force today, but may be of interest to the larger university community:

With about two weeks to go before our next meeting, the Web Team has a few reminders for members of the Web Task Force:

1. There Is No May 17 Deadline

Please make sure that those within your college or division understand that the May 17 deadline for shutting off the central server is no longer in place. We will not be shutting off the central server until we’ve transferred those units who use it over to the CMS.

It’s also worth repeating to those in your unit that personal pages (on www.people.iup.edu) and pages on college servers won’t be affected when we finally do shut down the central server. There are no plans to shut down the people server or college servers.

2. Keep the Materials Rolling In: Let Us Know Where Your Units' Materials Are

The Web Team’s increase in staff is only temporary. To make the best use of their time, we need a steady stream of material to map out and hand off to them.

That means that we need Task Force members to let us know when any of their units’ materials are ready for transfer. We can’t hand off things to our cutting and pasting team until we have a site map—and we can’t create a site map until we know we have ALL the material that is going on a site.

By the way, that material can be on the old site, on the new site, or on the X: drive. Just let us know where it is and we’ll get started.

3. Next Meeting is in Stabley 101

Just a reminder that our next meeting, scheduled for Thursday, May 29 at 1:30 p.m., takes place in Stabley Library 101, not Delaney Hall.