Parking Areas, Streets Close for Construction

Posted on 5/12/2008 11:59:30 AM

IUP employees, students, and visitors may have noticed multiple closings of streets and parking areas around the Indiana campus. Following is an overview of those changes:

Residential Revival-Related Closings

The Towers West parking lot, between Campus Towers and University Towers, as well as parking along Pratt Drive from Locust Street to Grant Street were closed starting Monday, May 12, for construction on Phase III of the Residential Revival project.

Street closings related to Phase III construction also started Monday and are expected to last through August 2009. Affected streets are as follows:

  • Pratt Drive: Closed from Grant Street to Locust Street
  • Locust Street: Closed from Pratt Drive to Garman Avenue

These closings have been updated on the campus map.

Pratt Drive will be closed from Maple Street to the Shaffer Hall parking lot entrance from mid-June or early July 2008 through August 2009. (This section of Pratt Drive will not be closed until Maple Street from Pratt Drive to Eleventh Street is repaved and opened as part of Phase II construction.)

Grant and Maple streets will not be closed during Phase III construction other than for potential utility tie-ins.

Parking Garage

The IUP parking garage closed for maintenance Monday, May 12, and will reopen on May 28. During this time, individuals with reserved spaces in the garage can park in any legal space on campus, including paid spaces.

Washington Street Lot

The Washington Street lot (the old MAATI lot) will be closed from June 1 through the end of August for paving and installation of sidewalks and lights. It will reopen as a pay-by-space lot.

Where to Park

Members of the IUP community affected by these changes may find the following resources helpful:

  • Map of IUP Parking Lot Designations
    This map details the parking areas on campus and who is allowed to park in each. 
  • Park and Ride Bus Schedule
    Those parking at more distant lots, such as the R&P Band Lot or the Robertshaw Lot, may need to use the Park and Ride. This bus service is available at no charge for all travel on the IUP campus.
  • About the Robertshaw and R&P Lots
    Spaces are typically available in these lots. While the gravel lot at Robertshaw is for long-term parking, the paved lot is available for faculty, staff, commuters, and more. Come Fall, the R&P Band Lot will be used by the band after 4:00 p.m.
  • Parking Enforcement during Semester Break
    From a news item posted April 29
  • Parking Services and Visitor Center Website
    Find more information about parking at IUP.