Parking News: Line Painting and Coal Pile Lot

Posted on 6/27/2008 1:19:13 PM

The Grounds Department is in the process of repainting parking lot lines over the next month. In order to get the lots painted, some parking areas will be taken out of service in the mornings. The closing of lots depends on the weather conditions for that day.

On Monday, June 30, 2008 the following areas will be blocked: Cogen Lot, Folger Lot, and Johnson Lot.

Some new parking has been created at the Coal Pile Lot. Thirty-four spaces have been recently installed. Seventeen spaces are designated for faculty; these spaces were in this lot prior to its being closed. Additionally, seventeen spaces have been added for staff parking. Although signs have not yet been posted, faculty and staff may park in these spaces and may continue to park in these spaces until signs are installed and notification sent out.

Please enter the lot from Grant Street and exit between the Cogen plant and Folger Dining Hall. You will notice that there is a faculty sign in place as you enter from Grant Street. This sign has been left in place to deter non-permit holders from parking in this area.