Web Team Sets Standards on Programs of Study

Posted on 7/17/2008 11:23:34 AM

Website maintainers for academic departments may notice pages being added to their websites under Programs of Study.

We are making sure that each program of study at IUP has its own dedicated page on the website with a standard title of “B.S. in Accounting,” “B.S. Ed. in Secondary German Education,” etc. Tracks, minors, specializations, and certification programs will also given individual pages, based on their presence in the undergraduate or graduate catalog.

While some departments already have a dedicated page for each of their programs of study, others have information about their programs all on one page or have other variations in what information is provided and how.

Providing a specific page with a specific URL ensures that each page can be part of a collection on the new site and allows a consistent presentation of our programs of study across all sites. That consistency will improve site usability for current and prospective students, their parents, IUP employees, and other site visitors.

While site maintainers may expand on these pages—adding more information or additional pages as necessary—it is important that these pages not be deleted. We also ask that you not alter the page titles, unless the information is incorrect. If you prefer to display a different headline from the page title, such as “Bachelor of Arts in Economics” rather than “B.A. in Economics,” you are welcome to change the headline under the Metadata tab. (This allows you to set a headline that is different from the title, which is the default headline.)

The Web Team currently has a student worker using the undergraduate and graduate catalogs to make sure each program of study is accounted for on the website. That worker is also tasked with creating individual pages, if they do not exist already.

For an example of how this will look at the college level, see the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology’s Departments and Programs page.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please contact the Web Team at web-team@iup.edu.