Dr. Botelho Honored with Distinguished Faculty Research Award

Posted on 7/25/2008 8:10:45 PM

Dr. Lynn Botelho was recently honored with the 2008 University Distinguished Faculty Research Award. Dr. Botelho believes that undergraduate education must be provided by a scholar who is on the cutting edge of research. She has fulfilled this role by maintaining an active research agenda with her work on the elderly in early modern England and the transatlantic world. She has published numerous monographs, essays, peer-reviewed articles, notes, and reviews. While maintaining her teaching and service activities, she has published six books and ten articles and presents papers at professional conferences every year, in addition to organizing conferences. She also pursues and receives numerous research awards and grants and serves on an editorial board.

One of her most profound works is her book entitled Old Age and the English Poor Law, 1500-1700, the first to examine the elderly in early modern England. She continues to publish various works related to this research interest, including a coauthored book entitled The History of Old Age. This book has been published in England, North America, and Germany, where it was a Book of the Month Club selection.