Introducing the Gallery Template

Posted on 8/11/2008 3:37:54 PM

The Web Team quietly introduced a new template over the summer: the gallery template. For an example, take a look at the Geography Department’s gallery from their 2008 graduation ceremony.

Galleries are much easier to set up than ViewMasters, and are ideal for showcasing event photos, student work, or creating virtual tours. (You can set the captions, too, just by changing the image’s title in your Ektron Library.) We are still working on the documentation, but if you're interested in setting up a gallery, just contact the Web Team at

One other photographic note: if you need photographs for your site, the preferred location to draw them from is \Units\P - Pq\Photographer\Gallery. We now have every photo online that we have permission to put online, helpfully organized by year and size. If you'd like a preview of what's available, the Photographer’s Gallery has thumbnails of every picture available. We’ve found it useful to find our pictures in the browser this way, rather than searching in the Ektron Library.