Introducing Self-Checkout

Posted on 8/28/2008 2:01:12 PM

In an effort to get more red badges off the website sooner, the Web Team is today announcing a new way for units to have the badge removed from their sites: self-checkout.

Checkout is the process Web Team members go through before we remove the red badge from a website. Our goal is to make sure that the site is truly ready for business, and that visitors no longer need a link back to the old site.

Checkout is a labor-intensive process. It involves looking at every page, menu, and collection in the site. The result is a large backlog of sites awaiting checkout.

So: in order to get badges off of sites faster, we are introducing self-checkout. Follow the steps listed in How to Check Out Your Own Website, and the Web Team will remove the badge from your site.

We will consider any site that has gone through self-checkout to be provisionally checked out. This means that at some point in the future, the Web Team will perform a full checkout on the site. And once every site has been checked out, we'll be repeating the checkout process as part of a regular website maintenance routine. Why? Because no matter how good a site is, we find and resolve important issues—issues that in some cases render the website unusable—on every website we check out.

Because checkout can be tricky at times, we fully expect to get a lot of questions about this new process. Please send those questions to the Web Team at Because many site maintainers will have the same questions, we plan to answer as many as of these questions as we can in our news feed over the coming weeks. So read over the checklist and watch this space.