Fall 2008 Foreign Film Series Starts on Sept. 29

Posted on 9/24/2008 4:10:38 PM
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Luxury Car

Monday, September 29
Luxury Car
9:00 p.m., Sprowls Auditorium

Country: China/France
Year: 2006
Running Time: 88 Minutes
Chinese with English subtitles

In this emotionally taut narrative, director Wang Chao uses the story of Li Qi Ming, a man who travels from his small village to the city of Wuhan, determined to fulfill his wife’s last wish of seeing her son to represent the painful reality of thousands of parents who have lost contact with their children through rural exodus and political upheaval in China. 

Kept and Dreamless

Wednesday, October 1
Kept & Dreamless
9:00 p.m., Sprowls Auditorium

Country: Argentina
Year: 2005
Running Time: 94 Minutes
Spanish with English Subtitles

Life is anything but pleasant for nine-year-old Eugenia, who must deal with her mother’s dysfunctional and drug-addled life style during Argentina’s economic crisis of the ’90s in this darkly inspiring story of expectation, acceptance, and nontraditional family, led by standout performances from director Vera Fogwill and young actress Lucía Snieg.

Let the Wind Blow

Thursday, October 2
Let the Wind Blow
9:00 p.m., Sprowls Auditorium

Country: India
Year: 2004
Running time: 93 Minutes
Hindi and English with English Subtitles

At the height of nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan, Arjun and his best friend, Chabia, weigh their options for the future against the reality of life on the streets of Mumbai in director Partho Sen-Gupta’s gritty, apocalyptic interpretation of Krishna’s counsel to Arjuna, from the Bhagavad Gita.