Chemistry Club Presents Demonstrations at Carnegie Science Center

Posted on 10/27/2008 9:39:59 AM

For the fourth consecutive year, members of IUP’s Student Affiliate American Chemical Society (ACS Club) traveled to the Carnegie Science Center (CSC) to participate in ChemFest. This was the tenth year that CSC hosted such an event, and this year’s theme was “Having a Ball with Chemistry.”

As part of National Chemistry Week, ChemFest is held each Friday and Saturday of that week in various locations around the United States. On each day, dozens of local university clubs, chemistry-related societies, and industry groups provide hands-on demonstrations to thousands of school children, their parents, and the general public. At least three to four thousand people visit ChemFest in Pittsburgh each year.

On Saturday, October 25, eight students from IUP’s ACS Club traveled to Pittsburgh to present four different demonstrations related to chemistry and sports.

  • Ms. Maura Barrett
  • Ms. Lacie Buxton
  • Mr. Andrew Kerr
  • Ms. Beth Leverett
  • Ms. Olivia McGovern
  • Ms. Jessica Nichol
  • Mr. Peter Stonehouse
  • Ms. Cay Williamson

Travel and a meal were sponsored by the Department of Chemistry.