Calendar Subscriptions Now Available

Posted on 11/7/2008 3:13:30 PM

Have you ever wished you could have IUP’s academic calendar show up on your department website? Have you wanted your department’s events to show up on your college’s website, too?

That’s now possible on our CMS using calendar subscriptions. The Web Team can subscribe your events calendar to any other calendar on the site. That way events entered only once can appear in many places throughout the site. For instance, rather than entering academic calendar events into your calendar, you can subscribe to the academic calendar and have them show up on your calendar automatically. If academic dates changes, they’ll change on your calendar, too—automatically.

For an example, see the Department of Psychology’s events page.

It’s also possible to subscribe only to particular event types. For instance, the College of Fine Arts lists theater, dance, music, and art events on its calendar. The Department of Music has subscribed only to events of type “music,” so only concerts (and not plays, dance events, or exhibits) show up on the Music Department calendar. If an event time changes, changing it on the Fine Arts calendar changes it on the Music Department calendar, too.

Interested? Send an e-mail to and the Web Team can help you get set up.