The Forensics of C.S.I.: CHEM-105

Posted on 11/10/2008 9:04:15 AM


Registering for Spring 2009?

Why not take a forensic class?

It’s a great way to learn about forensic science through CSI and it counts as a Liberal Studies non-lab science course!

CHEM 105: The Forensic Chemistry of CSI


Prerequisites: none

TR 2-3:15 p.m., Weyandt 208

Instructor: Dr. John Woolcock

The course is designed for students who would like learn about forensic chemistry and the basic science needed to understand it. Topics will include the forensic chemistry of drugs, arson, poisons, hair, fibers, glass, and fingerprints and the methods used in forensic evidence collection, processing, and crime scene reconstruction. Also included in this course is how forensic science is portrayed on TV and in novels, movies, and computer games.