Turn on E-mail Notification to Alert You of Content Awaiting Approval

Posted on 2/12/2009 8:26:01 AM

With the January introduction of the “Suggest a News Item” feature on each unit website, it is increasingly important for department and office web maintainers to be aware of content awaiting their approval.

In many cases, this is content submitted by department or office colleagues for inclusion in IUP Reporter or other news outlets. Not moving this content through the workflow will result in its being missed for publication.

Those who are not working in the content management system and checking their queue of content awaiting approval on a regular basis may want to activate e-mail notification within their user profile. By doing this, a web maintainer would be notified by e-mail each time content is submitted for his or her approval.

Maintainers should be aware that the notification system will result in other e-mails as well, such as messages about content being approved for publication. For more active web maintainers, particularly those who are approvers for several sites, this could result in extra clutter in your e-mail inbox.

However, because the procedure for submitting news to the Communications office for publication involves posting it on the department or office website first, e-mail notification may be crucial to making the process work.

The following directions are now available on the Web Team website:

If you have any questions, please e-mail web-team@iup.edu