Fifteen Anthropology Students Participate in IUP Undergraduate Scholars Conference

Posted on 3/1/2009 11:37:01 AM

Faunal analysis, gender studies, geophysics, primate studies, lithic analysis, cultural studies, ceramic analysis, and head nodding in college classrooms are some of the topics that will be covered by poster and paper presentations by fifteen students in the Anthropology Department during the fourth annual IUP Undergraduate Research Conference on April 7, 2009.

While some of the topics were developed as part of classroom projects, others present the results of undergraduate honors theses or independent projects. The presentations include:

Michael Deemer: “Lithic Platform Analysis for the Johnston Site”

Justin DeMaio: “Investigating Loyalhanna Chert Procurement in the Late Prehistoric”

Jessica Devlin: “Surface Decoration Analysis of 2008 Johnston Site Excavation”

Helene Hurrey: “Attitudes of Gender Roles among Chinese Female Students Studying in the United States”

Anthony LeDonne and Meghen Pace “Geophysical Investigations of Late Prehistoric Sites”

Anthony LeDonne: “Cortex Presence at the Johnston Site”

Ali Littman: “The Johnston Site Modified Bone Assemblage: New Insights About the Monongahela”

Matthew Sagi: “Measuring Human Activity Levels at the Johnston Site”

Laura Mill: “Head Nodding in College Classrooms”

Sarah Moore: “Theater Culture in Film”

Meghan Pace: “Lithic Type Investigations at the Johnston Site”

Jason Pare: “Raw Materials at the Johnston Site”

Alicia Rich: “Fission-Fusion in Captive Western Lowland Gorillas (gorilla gorilla gorilla)”

Katy Ringbloom, Elizabeth LaBrecque, and Kelly Lauer: “Clues from Within: Processing and Identification of Animal Remains”