Information on Class Cancellations

Posted on 4/7/2009 3:19:54 PM

In the event the campus/university will be closed, please watch WPXI (channel 11) or go to WPXI for this information.

“In general, however, IUP’s practice will be to remain open and to conduct classes and business as usual during periods of inclement weather” (view IUP’s inclement weather policy). If a faculty member elects not to hold a class, then we will do our best to send an e-mail to students notifying them of the individual class cancellation.

During the winter months when inclement weather is expected, all members of the IUP community are urged to use caution and follow common-sense tips for protection and safety. However, if at any time persons feel that weather conditions would prohibit safe travel if classes are in session, they are urged to follow their instincts. During the recent period of extreme cold, all members of the community were advised to take extra care while outdoors. The Centers for Disease Control has a list of recommended precautions and clothing suggestions for cold weather.