Anthropology Majors are Award Winners at Undergraduate Scholars Forum

Posted on 4/12/2009 10:12:48 PM

Three Anthropology Department students were recognized as award winners at the 2009 Undergraduate Scholars Forum.

Jessica Devlin and her poster

Jess Devlin and her poster presentation at the Undergraduate Scholars Forum

Outstanding Paper Presentation Awards

Awards were presented for Best Presentation from each of the concurrent sessions at the forum. The best presentations in session winners included:

  • Quiana Lightner
    Department of Anthropology
    “The Educational Plight of Blacks and Latinos at Indiana University of Pennsylvania”
  • Alicia Rich
    Department of Anthropology
    “Fission-Fusion in Captive Western Lowland Gorillas”
  • Best Poster Award
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Jessica Develin
    Department of Anthropology
    “Surface Decoration Analysis of 2008 Johnstown Site Excavation”
  • Best Bibliography Awards from IUP Libraries
    Quiana Lightner

We also congratulate one of our double majors for an Outstanding Paper Presentation:

  • Sarah Morrow
    Department of Theater and Dance
    “Theatre Culture in Film”