Eisensmith Guest Artist at Nanchung University in China

Posted on 5/25/2009 9:37:35 PM

Kevin Eisensmith, professor of Trumpet in the Music Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and vice president/president elect of the International Trumpet Guild, recently returned from Nanchung Province, China, where he was a guest artist at the fourth China International Trumpet Week and Conference at Nanchung University from May 13 to 17, 2009.

Zhonghui Dai, professor of Trumpet at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, hosted the event, which brought together over three hundred trumpet students, teachers, and performers from around the world.

Additional guest artists for the conference included:

  • Gene Aitken, professor emeritus at the University of Northern Colorado and guest professor of Music at Shanghai Conservatory
  • Andrea Giuffredi, Italian trumpet artist
  • David Spencer, associate professor of Trumpet at the University of Memphis
  • Richard Stoelzel, professor of Trumpet at Grand Valley State University
  • Tamas Velenczei, principal trumpet of the Berlin Philharmonic

Also participating in the conference were numerous Chinese trumpet professors and other musicians.

Each day began with a warm-up session presented by one of the guest artists. Comments about breathing, mouthpiece buzzing, and other subjects were shared with the students who were present. Master classes were held throughout the day, and each of the guest artists presented a recital in the evening.

The conference was a great opportunity to hear different playing styles and to exchange ideas on solo, orchestral, and ensemble performance. Everyone involved in this conference had a great time and will benefit from the information they received. The conference ended with a sumptuous banquet featuring many Chinese delicacies.

For pictures of the conference, please visit the China Trumpet Guild.