Introducing “IUP Daily”

Posted on 5/28/2009 12:26:35 PM
Screenshot of IUP Daily

June 1, 2009, marks the inaugural issue of IUP Daily, our new e-mail newsletter for all employees of IUP.

IUP Daily features news from throughout the university, compiled from the news feeds of the 170 websites hosted at

Also featured are upcoming events taken from IUP’s Central Calendar, Faculty and Staff Stars, employee notices, as well as a community Bulletin Board where employees can post tickets for sale, properties for rent, pets for adoption, and more.

There’s no need to subscribe; IUP Daily will be delivered automatically to all employees of IUP.

How to Get Your News into IUP Daily

Does your department have news to share? Just have your department’s web maintainer post it in your news feed—we take care of the rest. The advent of IUP Daily means that posting to your news feed now automatically:

  • Updates your home page
  • Puts your news in the top-level News and Events section of the website
  • Puts your news into several RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds
  • Gets your faculty or staff achievement into IUP Reporter
  • Puts your news in front of our director of Media Relations
  • Sends your news to more than 1,500 IUP faculty and staff by e-mail

Don’t know who your web maintainer is? Check our list of web maintainers, updated daily.

You can also post news yourself. Go to your department’s or office’s news feed on the web (it’s linked from the home page of each website) and click on the “Suggest a News Item for This Page” link.

Are you a web maintainer but unsure about how to post events? Watch this movie that shows you how to make a news post—or read these directions.

How to Get Your Event into IUP Daily

Want your event listed in the Central Calendar? Have your web maintainer post it to your website’s calendar and specify the event type “Central Calendar.” Not sure who your web maintainer is? Check the list.

Or, if you’re the web maintainer but aren’t sure how to post events, read the directions.

How to Put an Ad on the IUP Daily Bulletin Board

Lose your dog or cat? Trying to sell your house or tickets to a performance? Put a notice on the Bulletin Board and reach more than 1,500 IUP faculty and staff by e-mail.

It’s easy to submit your bulletin board item online.


IUP Daily will be growing and changing in coming months as we learn more about what the IUP community wants and needs. If you have feedback about IUP Daily, please send it to