Fine Arts Dean Directing “Macbeth 3”

Posted on 5/28/2009 3:47:39 PM

IUP College of Fine Arts Dean Michael Hood is directing an adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth for Unseam'd Shakespeare in Pittsburgh. The play runs June 4–20 at the Open Stage in Pittsburgh's Strip District.

Macbeth 3, a tour de force for only three actors, is based on Lisa Wolpe's adaptation of Shakespeare's masterpiece. The play is set in hell, where the damned Macbeth is forced to relive his rise to power and fall to eternal punishment.

The production features the requisite sword fights, “fog and filthy air,” and has the added enticement that actors will play multiple roles, often across gender. For tickets, contact ProArts, 412-394-3353, or call Unseam'd at 412-621-0244.