“IUP Daily” Questions Answered

Posted on 6/5/2009 9:38:25 AM

In its first week of distribution to all university employees, IUP Daily has generated lots of interest in the form of increased submissions, feedback, suggestions, and resulting web traffic.

The newsletter, sent on a daily basis via e-mail, has also raised many questions. We’ll attempt to answer them here. If you have further questions, please e-mail the Web Team at web-team@iup.edu.

What is IUP Daily?

IUP Daily is an electronic newsletter written by employees for employees. It is intended to be your tool for sharing events, achievements, and other news from your area, as well as for learning about what’s happening on the rest of the campus.

Content for IUP Daily comes from faculty and staff contributions to the IUP website. Complete web entries are available by following the links within the newsletter.

How did IUP Daily come about?

A pilot project, IUP Daily is one component of the University Relations Division’s Strategic Communications Plan, to be launched September 1, 2009. The plan is aimed at increasing awareness within the university community of events, policies, issues, and developments.

Can I unsubscribe to IUP Daily?

No. IUP Daily is an official university communication vehicle, no different from IUP Reporter, official memos, etc.

Why are you cluttering my inbox?

Our intention is exactly the opposite. IUP Daily may, in fact, decrease the number of global e-mails distributed. Some employees send individual global e-mails concerning university news, events, items for sale, etc. By offering a central location for that information, we hope to make many individual global e-mails unnecessary.

Why should I contribute to IUP Daily when I can send my own global e-mail?

IUP Daily posts each content item—ranging from news to a Bulletin Board post (house for sale, lost cat, etc.)—for five business days. Most employees avoid promoting their cause or event more than once or twice via global e-mail. Therefore, inclusion in IUP Daily results in more days of exposure for an announcement than an individual global e-mail typically provides.

Additionally, everything in IUP Daily is posted on IUP’s website and made available via RSS (really simple syndication), which can provide exposure far beyond what an individual e-mail can achieve.

How can I get an announcement in IUP Daily?

All items in IUP Daily come from the IUP website. Items for the News, For Employees, and Faculty and Staff Stars sections come from unit (department, office, etc.) news posts. To have an item included, ask your unit’s web maintainer to post it, or go to your unit website’s News page and follow the link “Suggest a News Item for This Page” on the right side.

To have an item added to the Central Calendar section, ask your unit web maintainer to post it on your website’s Events calendar and indicate “Central Calendar” as the event type.

To post an item in the Bulletin Board section, go to the IUP website’s Bulletin Board and follow the link “Suggest a News Item for This Page” on the right side.

I tried to suggest a news item, but it wouldn’t work. Why?

Some of the likely reasons it didn’t work:

  • You are attempting this from home. You must be connected to the IUP network in order to suggest a news item. If you are off campus, you will need to connect via the Virtual Private Network.
  • You are not using the correct user name and password. In most cases, you should use the user name and password you use to log into your computer on campus.
  • Your posting has not been approved at the unit level. After you suggest a news item, it goes to the approver(s) for your unit website. Only after that person approves it does it continue through the website’s workflow. You may wish to notify your unit approver when you submit an item for his/her approval. Find your unit’s web maintainers and approvers.

See How to Suggest a News Item for more information.

Why is this newsletter distributed daily and not weekly?

The IUP website includes contributions from roughly 170 unit websites. We find that there are sufficient news submissions to justify a daily publication.

No one is going to read this newsletter. Why are you sending it?

Analytics show that about half of the IUP Daily audience is following links, or “clicking through,” in each issue to see full stories or listings. We expect that number to grow as people become more familiar with the publication and as faculty members who are out this summer return for the Fall semester.

I would use the Bulletin Board to sell items, but I want to include photos. Why can’t you accommodate them?

Currently, photos cannot be used in Bulletin Board items because of the time it would take to process photos for the web. You can, however, mention within your text that photos will be made available upon request. You can also include a link to additional information or photos in another location, such as photo-sharing website Flickr.