Hood’s “MacBeth 3” Theater Production Praised

Posted on 6/11/2009 2:42:09 PM
Macbeth 3

Michael Hood’s adventurous production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth titled Macbeth 3 (for the three actors who play all the roles) has received praise from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and the Pittsburgh City Paper

Performances are exemplary—Lisa Ann Goldsmith as Macbeth, Rich Venezia as the Lady (and no drag), and the spookily androgynous Jennifer Tober as various thanes, witches, etc. But what’s even more striking is how they move, even flow together, not just in the fight scenes (choreographed by Hood).

In addition to his role as dean of IUP’s  College of Fine Arts, Hood is also a tenured faculty member in the  Department of Theater and Dance. Hood directs occasional productions for the department and also teaches Stage Combat, so it is no surprise that the broadsword fights in MacBeth 3 are noteworthy.

Adapted by Los Angeles playwright Lisa Wolpe, MacBeth 3 also features choreography by Joan Van Dyke, IUP associate professor of Dance. Van Dyke’s summer also includes her annual dance program at Cook Forest State Park.

Macbeth 3 continues through June 20, 2009. The Unseam’d Shakespeare Company production is held at Open Stage Theatre, 2835 Smallman Street, in Pittsburgh’s Strip District.