Update to Web Editing Software Required for All Web Maintainers

Posted on 7/16/2009 4:07:47 PM

As part of our July 30, 2009 upgrade to Ektron, the CMS software behind www.iup.edu, all web maintainers will need to upgrade the local software on their computers.

This software, called eWebEditPro, is the “web editor” software that allows web maintainers to make changes to pages on the website. (You might recalling having it installed when you first became a web maintainer.)

In order to edit content after the upgrade is complete, you will need the new version of eWebEditPro on your computer.

Note that the new version of eWebEditPro is fully compatible with our current version of the CMS, so there’s no reason not to upgrade early, especially if you expect that you’ll need to make changes to your website on or after August 3.

If You Maintain your Website from Your Own Computer

The new version can be downloaded from this location: eWebEditPro Downloads.

If you use the Windows XP operating system or anything beyond, use the msi version. If that does not work, use the exe.

If You Maintain your Website from Your Work Computer

Contact your College Technology Manager (CTM) to have the upgrade installed. A list of College Technology Managers is available.

Note: The IT Support Center will deploy the updated software before the Ekron upgrade for all users with the standard desktop.