“Why Isn’t My News Post in ‘IUP Daily’?”

Posted on 8/12/2009 3:37:24 PM

Since the start of IUP Daily early this summer, the Web Team has received many questions about why certain news posts have not appeared in the electronic newsletter.

For your reference, here are the most common reasons:

There Was Lag Time between Date of Creation and Date of Submission

When compiling the news posted each day, the Web Team uses a Web-based tool called a news aggregator. This tool collects news items posted by departments and offices based on the date the news items were created. News items stay in IUP Daily for five business days, so the news aggregator is set to search the past seven days. Because of the volume of news posted, any posts created more than seven days ago are very likely to be missed.

Some common scenarios in which this is a problem:

  1. Someone creates a news post on August 5 but is called on to do something else. The person resumes working on the post August 13 and submits it for publishing. While this post will be published for your website, it may not appear in IUP Daily. The publishing of content for the website and the inclusion of content in IUP Daily are two separate functions.
  2. Someone who is not a web maintainer suggests a news item on a department website. The approvers for that website do not realize they have content awaiting their approval until more than a week has passed. At that time, one of them approves the content. Again, because the date of creation was more than seven days earlier, this content will be published for the website but may not appear in IUP Daily. One of the best ways to avoid this situation is for website approvers to set up their profiles to request e-mail notification when they have content awaiting their approval.

Rather than Creating a News Post, You Are Editing an Existing One

This situation also relates to the date the news item was created. Let’s say your office holds an annual event, and you posted a news item about it last year. As the event approaches again this year, do you create a new news post? Yes. If you were to edit the post from the previous year with updated information, the date of creation will remain that of a year ago, so it will not be included in IUP Daily. Re-editing old news posts is something you want to avoid for other reasons as well, including that subscribers to your news feed will not receive notification of a new post.

Your News Post Was Submitted to Web Team after the 2:00 p.m. Deadline

The Web Team guarantees next-day publication only for content it receives before 2:00 p.m. We try, and often do, approve content well past that deadline, but depending on the workload, it is not always possible. Content that is not submitted to Web Team by 2:00 p.m. may not be approved that day and/or may not appear in the following day’s IUP Daily.

You Are Making a Duplicate News Post

If you are posting news that was already posted by another unit, or by the Media Relations office under IUP News, it will not be included in IUP Daily unless it is a Web Team oversight. For example, several departments recently posted news items about their professors’ promotions. While adding this news to your department’s website is encouraged, it would be repetitive to include the post from each department in IUP Daily. The complete list, which was posted by the Academic Affairs Division, is what was included in IUP Daily.

It Was a Web Team Oversight

There are many reasons—technical and otherwise—why a news item may not appear in IUP Daily. The reason may simply be human error. If you posted a news item that did not appear in IUP Daily and the scenarios above do not explain why it was missed, please contact the Web Team at web-team@iup.edu.