In Memory of Judy McDonough

Posted on 10/15/2009 2:07:26 PM

Preparing students for public school teaching careers has been a primary mission of the institution and the department for many years. These efforts have led to a well-deserved reputation for a quality program and achieving graduates. Judy McDonough maintained this standard by supervising student-teachers, teaching courses, and presenting papers and publishing articles.

She also served the History Department in other spheres as she taught HIST 195, an introductory course for non-majors, offered a popular course on U.S. history in the 1920s and 1930s, and presented specialty courses. Her publications were in political history and labor history.

A Ph.D. from Auburn University and public teaching experience provided her with an excellent foundation for her IUP career, 1992–2004. In addition to her professional achievements Judy had a rich private life which included a circle of close friends, a loving relationship with her children, and the “joys of grandmotherhood.” 

Her presence left fond memories of her as a colleague and as a friend.

By Irwin Marcus