IUP Dance Company Invited to Perform at Carnegie Museum

Posted on 12/23/2009 9:15:29 AM

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History has invited the IUP Dance Theater Company to perform scenes from Out of the Deep, a work originated by choreographer Holly Boda-Sutton in collaboration with poet Rosaly Roffman and composer David Berlin.

According to Christine Mills, program officer at the museum, the performance will highlight its “Whale of a Day” on February 6, 2010. This special event is tied into an exhibition from the Te Papa Museum of New Zealand titled Whales/Tohora. Out of the Deep was chosen for its ability to help visitors look at whales from a different perspective, and to make an emotional connection to whales.

Out of the Deep is an artistic call for deep understanding of whales and conservation of their habitat. The performance is based upon poems written by Roffman after her experience with a pod of whales off the coast of Mexico.