Chepaitis to Premiere Composition in Buffalo

Posted on 2/6/2010 10:46:48 PM

On February 12, 2010, Dr. Stanley Chepaitis will premiere the orchestral version of his composition “Paganini in the Vernacular” with the Orchard Park Symphony in Buffalo, N.Y.

He will also perform his composition “Eveningstar” for violin and orchestra as well as his arrangement of Joe Venuti’s “Wildcat.”

Dr. David Rudge will be conducting as Chepaitis plays the violin solos. Commenting on his composition, Stanley Chepaitis states:

“Paganini in the Vernacular” was originally composed for violin piano and I have performed it extensively in that version, most notably last March in Zagreb and Ljubljiana. It consists of a series of variations on the famous Paganini theme (from the 24th Caprice) in various jazz and pop styles and has sections of open improvisation for the soloist. David Rudge heard a performance and suggested that I create the version with orchestra, which we will unveil next week.”

Chepaitis teaches violin and viola in the IUP Department of Music and conducts the IUP Orchestra.