Anthropology Graduate Students Receive Scholarships to Attend Pennsylvania Archaeology Meeting

Posted on 4/5/2010 11:15:14 AM

Lisa M. Dugas and Angela S. Jaillet, graduate students in the M.A. in Applied Archaeology program in the Anthropology Department, have received funding to attend the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology’s annual meeting in Greensburg, Pa., April 9–11, 2010.

The awards of $100 for each student were presented by the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology and the Pennsylvania Archaeological Council.

The students will present papers on their research during a session on Sunday morning.

Angie’s paper is titled “Leaving a Legacy in the Image of an Industry: Pioneers of the Early Oil Industry,” while Lisa’s is titled “Secrets from Chinatown: Chinese Diaspora in Pittsburgh.”

The scholarships honor the memory of Pennsylvania archaeologist and scholar Dr. James W. Hatch, professor of anthropology at Penn State.