Chiarulli Presents on Geophysical Research at Gila Archaeological Project

Posted on 4/21/2010 8:32:39 PM

Dr. Beverly Chiarulli, Anthropology Department, presented a poster during the seventy-fifth annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in St. Louis on April 18, 2010. The poster, titled “Geophysical Investigations during the Gila Archaeological Project,” described research conducted during the past two years in the Gila Archaeological Project in New Mexico.

One aspect of the project has been to investigate the use of geophysical instrumentation at both historic and pre-European sites. Instruments used in the investigations included ground penetrating radar, magnetic susceptibility meters, and the GSSI profiler. The use of these instruments has guided the project in the location of test excavations and aided in our interpretation of landscape and cultural features.

IUP students have benefited as well by gaining experience in the use and interpretation of these data.