Mannard Publishes on Charles White and Catholic Domesticity

Posted on 4/23/2010 9:28:06 AM

Dr. Joe Mannard, Department of History, published an article entitled “Mission and Duties of Young Women: Charles White and the Promotion of Catholic Domesticity in Antebellum Baltimore” in American Catholic Studies 121:1 (Spring 2010).

The article focuses on Reverend Charles Ignatius White, a leading member of the Catholic press in antebellum America. Scholars have long neglected White’s significant contribution to advancing a Catholic version of the ideology of domesticity. Most noteworthy in this regard was his book Mission and Duties of Young Women (1858), a translation of a popular advice book by the French author Charles Sainte-Foi. Through his writings promoting a Catholic version of true womanhood, Charles White served as a mid-century bridge between an older culture dominated by a native-born, Anglo-Catholic elite and that of an emerging immigrant church in Baltimore, the nation’s oldest archdiocese.