IUP Parking Changes to Take Place over Summer Months

Posted on 5/25/2010 1:13:58 PM

A number of parking changes are planned for the summer 2010 months to enhance parking convenience on the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus.

Most campus paid parking will be changed over to Pay-By-Space, but these new pay stations will provide the option to print a receipt for the Pay-And-Display option (see below). The Pay-By-Space spots are identified by yellow lined numbered spaces. The space number will be located on the asphalt at the rear of each space.

During the winter months, when the parking space number may not be visible due to snow or other obstructions, drivers may choose a Pay-And-Display option, which allows printing of a receipt for customers to display on the vehicle dashboard.

A new color-coded parking identification system will also be introduced over the summer for the Fall semester. Under this new system, the color of the parking permit accepted on that lot will match the color of the parking lot sign. A new color-coded parking map will be designed to further clarify parking lot designations.

Construction of a new parking lot, addition of new spaces, and renovation to three parking areas are also planned for this summer.

New parking to be created this summer includes a lot along 11th Street across from Memorial Field House and paved spaces along the east side of Zink Hall, down to the west end of Miller Stadium. These spaces will be open to faculty and staff permit holders.

The gravel parking lot for commuter, faculty, and staff permit holders on Glass Street by the tennis courts will be paved. The Clark Hall parking lot and the parking spaces on 11th Street between Oakland Avenue and Grant Street will be repaved.

Changes to parking on the north side of campus include:

  • Parking meters will be removed on South 11th Street and Clark parking lot. These spaces will be open to faculty, staff, and visitor parking. Four thirty-minute parking spaces will be created for this lot.
  • The Washington Street parking lot, which was originally planned to become paid parking starting with the Fall semester, will remain faculty, staff, and commuter permit parking.
  • Parking along Elmer Avenue, located behind Uhler Hall, will become Pay-By-Space parking.
  • A new Pay-By-Space pay station will be added to the fourth floor of the parking garage.
  • A second Pay-By-Space pay station will be added to the Stright parking lot.
  • The name of the Esch parking lot will be changed to Keith parking lot.

Changes to South Campus parking include:

  • Davis, Foster, and Zink Hall West parking lots will be open for faculty and staff permit parking.
  • The parking meters on Willow Avenue (behind Foster Dining Hall) will be removed. These spots will be open to faculty parking permit holders.
  • The parking meters on Grant Street, in front of Moore Hall, will be removed. These spots will be open to commuter parking permit holders.
  • The R&P parking lot on the east side of the R&P building will be changed from faculty, staff, and commuter permit parking to commuter permit parking only.
  • The parking meters on the Stouffer parking lot will be removed. The lot will be open to faculty and staff permit parking.
  • The parking lot at 12th Street and Zink Hall west will become open to faculty and staff permit holders.
  • In order to eliminate confusion in the Miller Stadium parking lot, all spaces south of the Pay-By-Space section will be designated for faculty, staff, and commuter permit holders. The row of parking directly in front of Eberly College of Business and Information Technology will be designated for faculty and staff permit holders.

Effective for the Fall semester, students who reside on campus and purchase a parking space at the Robertshaw parking lot will be restricted from bringing their vehicles to main campus for parking during weekends and evenings. This change is being made to accommodate increased amounts of visitors to campus and the need for parking lot and space maintenance and snow removal during weekends and evenings.

In order to help cover cost of parking improvements, the parking fine will increase from $10 to $15 starting with the Fall semester.

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