The IUP Internship Program

  • Many departments of the university have developed internship programs which allow a student to participate in university supervised work experiences for variable academic credit.

    An internship is typically viewed as an integral part of a student’s academic preparation because it gives the student an opportunity to apply the theoretical and philosophical considerations gained through classroom learning to a practical work experience related to the student’s academic program.

    The Department of Political Science offers internships at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The purpose of this and the second part of the handbook is

    1. to describe the internship option available to IUP students, and
    2. to establish the responsibilities of individuals and institutions involved in this learning experience.

    Information regarding university and department requirements for internships is presented below.

    Students are strongly encouraged to utilize this handbook as a resource prior to and during the course of their internships. Questions not covered in this document should be directed to:

    Political Science Department Internship Coordinator

    Dr. Sarah Wheeler
    (724) 357-2683 (phone)
    (724) 357-3810 (fax)

    Department of Political Science

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    103 Keith Hall Annex
    Indiana PA 15705-1014